Summer Home Showing Tips: How to Sell Your Home in the Heat


home buyingPlants and home listings have a key commonality during summer: they both pop up everywhere during this hot real estate season. If your listing is one of them, it can seem incredibly challenging to make your property stand out from the crowd. The process may be simpler than you think, however, if you use these basic tips for preparing your home for a showing.

Cool your guests down.

When the temperatures are so hot you could fry an egg on the sidewalk, it’s hard to focus on anything; your potential buyers are in the same boat. Cool them down by keeping your AC at a comfortable level (not too hot and not too cold). If you don’t have AC, leave the windows open if there is a cool breeze or use fans to keep your home—and your visitors—comfortable.

Keep your flower beds and planters neat and tidy.

Your goal is to get potential buyers in the door so they can see and fall in love with your home. Help them focus on the door by impressing them with the curb appeal. Fill in cracks in your driveway and sidewalks. Weed any flower beds and prune any bushes to make potential buyers want to come in.

Mow frequently.

Buyers shouldn’t have to feel like they have to brave the jungle to get to the property. Mow and trim your lawn as often as possible, or hire a lawn service to take care of the lawn. Use this curb appeal checklist to make sure the exterior of your home creates a favorable first impression.

Make key home features stand out.

There are key features that set every home apart; features that make a buyer want to purchase a property, such as ceiling beams, high-quality flooring, and spacious rooms. Clear the areas around these key features so buyers notice those key features without having to search for them.

Lead your buyers to any outdoor spaces.

Attractive decks and patios can be the difference between an offer and a pass. Make sure any entrances to those spaces are clean and easy to access. Power wash deck boards and concrete patios and add comfortable seating so your buyers can picture themselves enjoying them.

Take cleanliness to a new level.

Deep clean your home as much as possible, especially the kitchens and bathrooms which are vital to a home sale. If you don’t have time, contact a cleaning service to make your home like a clean space buyers want to live in (and don’t have to clean themselves which can lead to lower offer).

Make your home smell pleasant.

Don’t let unpleasant odors drive potential buyers off. Make your home smell like a pleasant summer day, but don’t overdo it. You don’t want your home buyers to think you are covering up a problem.

Change your light bulbs.

While the summer days may be longer, don’t make your buyers rely entirely on the late summer daylight—and think that you don’t take care of your home. Check all the light bulbs in your home, and replace bulbs as needed (inside and out).

Ask your real estate agent for recommendations.

An experienced real estate agent can help you walk through your home like a potential home buyer. Ask for their recommendations on ways you can impress home buyers and make them think about the home—and not the hot summer temperatures.

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