Mistakes Home Sellers Make When Showing their Home Over the Holidays


home decorated for the holidays while on the real estate marketThe holidays are the most wonderful time of the year, but they can feel extremely tricky for home sellers. After all, how do you make your home festive while its on the market? The good news is that you and your home can get in the holiday mood even when your home is on the real estate market. The bad news is that it can be incredibly easy to jeopardize your home sale if you make these mistakes.

Not clearing the walks

If you want potential sellers to be able to see your home, make sure your walks are clear of snow and decorations. Your home needs to make the best first impression it can so home buyers want to come in. Make sure your yard is landscaped and neat, and the sidewalks and driveway are clean and repaired.

Covering up selling features

It’s okay to decorate your home, but don’t cover up your home’s selling features. Instead, use your holiday decorations to accent the items that sell your home. Add holiday boughs to your mantle to showcase your fireplace and décor that shows off key architectural details. Don’t be afraid to ask your real estate agent for recommendations that they’ve seen sell homes.


One of the most common mistakes home sellers make—during any time of year—is making their home’s rooms look smaller because of too much clutter. Make sure that you don’t over-decorate your rooms so they look bigger and more spacious during showings. Use the same strategy outside; a lot of outdoor decorations can make your lot size appear smaller.

Burning too many candles

You want your home to smell pleasant, but don’t trigger potential buyers’ allergies by burning too many candles or using a lot of air fresheners. Too many scents in a home can also make potential buyers suspicious and leave them thinking that you’re trying to cover up a potential issue (i.e. mold, water damage, etc.).

Thinking that you can’t have any notice

The holidays are hectic with a huge to-do list. Don’t feel that your home has to be ready for an immediate home showing; instead, ask your real estate agent for 24-hour notice (if possible) before a showing. This simple step helps make your holiday merrier—and hopefully ending with the ultimate gift of a home sale.

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