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5 Home Buyer Options After a Bad Inspection


key with words sale home property after a bad home inspectionBuying a home is a process—and an intimidating one—especially when your home inspector gives you bad news about the property when you’re ready to sign on the dotted line.  Even the nicest properties can come with a list of issues that need to be fixed, so you don’t end up with unforeseen costs and headaches down the road.

When you do get handed that list of issues that need to be repaired, the good news is that you also have a list of options to exercise in your home search.

Walk away

It’s okay to be intimidated by bad electrical or plumbing work, foundation issues, bad roof, structural problems—or the cost of the repairs.  If your offer was contingent on the home inspection (one of the benefits of using an experienced realtor), you can walk away from the property.  If you are considering this option, talk to your real estate agent about your earnest money options, and anything else you might have to lose if you decide to move on.

Ask the seller to fix the problems

We’ve seen it all: broken windows, gas leaks, plumbing issues, you name it.  If your home inspector finds an issue that only a professional should fix, talk to your realtor to document your request for repairs to be made—and for documentation (receipts, work orders, etc.) that proves the work was done.

Negotiate a lower price

If you want to make sure the problem is fixed correctly or there is a time crunch, you can contact your realtor to negotiate a lower price. Keep in mind that your new price should reflect the repairs that need to be made; for example, if the new furnace costs $4,000 the price should be dropped by an amount comparable to that.  If you decide to negotiate a lower price so you can make the fix, follow through with the repair—especially safety hazards and foundation issues that could worsen over time.

Ignore the report

This is an option, but not honestly a recommended one—especially if the issue is extensive, a safety hazard, or you have any intention of selling the house.  In addition, if the problem is serious, you may have problems obtaining home insurance after you purchase the home.

Ask your realtor for advice

If you’ve chosen an experienced realtor, chances are they’ve been through this process before and can recommend the best course of action after a bad home inspection report.  In addition, a realtor can document your concerns and follow up to make sure the issues are resolved.