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Selling your home? Ditch the shag.

Want to sell your home fast? Modernize your flooring for a quick sale.
Want to sell your home fast? Modernize your flooring for a quick sale.

If you want to sell your home, and sell it quicker, ditch the shag carpets and put down more modern floors. New flooring is also a solid investment, as buyers and appraisers base their decisions and numbers on the condition and style of flooring. If you are looking to resell your home tomorrow or in a few years, here are some tips to consider when purchasing new flooring:

  1. Carpet- Nylon. Polyester. Berber. The choices are endless.  The colors are endless. However, when you are putting carpet in a home for sale, stick to neutral color carpeting and avoid the longer carpet fiber options. Carpet is ideal for bedrooms, and many appreciate the soft feel.
  2. Tile-Tile is easy to clean, and comes in a variety of colors. Avoid the stronger colors and patterns, and stick to very neutral tile colors. If you have existing tile floors that are in good shape but have a few cracks, replace only the cracked tiles and give the floors a deep clean.
  3. Hardwood-Solid wood, engineered hardwood, laminate. If you want to attract a high end buyer, hardwood floors are your best bet. In addition, all three kinds of wood flooring are easy to clean (no matter how many showings you have), durable and come in a variety of finishes that allow you to bring out as much of the wood grain as you want.  If you have a large area (think a common area), hardwood can give your home the ‘wow’ factor that attracts buyers. Avoid putting hardwood flooring in bathrooms, where moisture can warp the wood over time. If you have original solid wood floors, consider sanding and refinishing the floor for a beautiful and budget-friendly look.

Remember, when getting your home ready for sale, or when making choices about a home you intend to sell, don’t just look up, look down. If you have questions, ask your realtor. Realtors can make recommendations that guarantee a larger bottom line and faster sale.