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4 Smart Ways to Increase Your Resale Value


Home sold with high resale because of home improvement projectsAnyone (or almost anyone) can add a bedroom feature wall or paint a wall. While those home improvement projects can make your home look better, they don’t necessarily add value to your home at resale. If you want to add property value to your home, being smart with your home improvement budget and invest your dollars in ways that pay you back at your home sale with a high sales price.


This home improvement project comes with a disclaimer: you can get as much as 90% plus from this investment IF your updates are reasonable for your area. What does this mean? If you invest $70,000 in your kitchen, you may not get all your money back at resale if the improvements are too much for your neighborhood. To avoid this common error, contact a real estate agent to get a free analysis and selling price for your home—with and without a kitchen upgrade.


The same rule for kitchen also applies to your bathroom upgrade: bathrooms sell homes, but to get the most for your money, keep your remodeling project budget in line with property values in your area. While you may want granite counter tops, just know that you might not get back your full investment.

Finishing a Basement or Attic

Adding square footage to your house—economically—is a sure way to add value to your home. That’s why finishing your basement or attic, especially if you are adding a bedroom to your attic space—is a good home improvement investment with a high return.

Wood Floors

Believe it or not, adding wood floors to your home can add value. While you won’t see the 90% return that you can get from a kitchen, you may see a higher resale value. It is important to note, though, that you can’t expect to see that same bump in resale from laminate, tile, or vinyl floors.

Want to avoid other common home seller errors? Read our blog post to help you prepare your home for sale. To get top dollar when you do, contact a top local real estate agent to come out and give you an idea of how much your house would sell for, and where to invest your money to increase that amount (it’s free!). They’ll help you decide where to invest your home improvement budget wisely—so you can see those dollars pay dividends at resale.