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Why hasn’t my home sold yet?


for sale sign at home ready for showingYou did everything you’ve read and heard about getting your home ready for the real estate market. You listed during the spring.  You mow your lawn on a regular basis to make it look well-cared for.  You think your home is a diamond in the rough. So why hasn’t your home sold yet?  Here are 10 reasons your home may not have sold yet—and what you can do about it.


What: A realistic selling price is one of the most important factors in a quick sale.  Don’t use what you owe on the property or what you think your property is worth to set the selling price for your home.

The fix: This is one of those situations where experience counts because the best local agents use their experience with local real estate markets to price a home right.  To find out what that perfect home sale price is, contact a local experienced agent for a free consultation.  They’ll walk through your home and give you a custom fair sales price that’ll get your home off the market.


What: Nothing sends potential buyers out the door faster than a dirty tub, or dodging creepy crawlies during the home tour.  Instead, your home should be clean during every showing, with the rooms clutter-free, floors cleaned, and every inch of the kitchens and bathrooms scrubbed down (more tips for a clean home for showings here).

The fix: Give your home a deep clean before you put it on the market, or make the cleaning a work-in-progress.  If you choose the latter option, start cleaning the kitchen and bathrooms which are the most important rooms to many buyers.  Another option is to hire a cleaning service to give your home a deep clean; if you want to go this route, choose an experienced realtor who can connect you to local, affordable cleaning service.


What: Train tracks, a cemetery, electrical lines, where you are in town or a lot out in the country—all these different factors impact the value of your home.

The fix: While you can’t change many of these factors, you can improve your home so potential homeowners are so impressed by the home they forget about the train tracks across the street or the electrical lines nearby.  Improve your home within reason; you don’t want to “over improve” your home so that the improvements are beyond what local neighborhood values dictate (to find out where that line is, contact a real estate agent who knows your area and can give you information).

Curb appeal

What: Curb appeal is potential buyers’ first impression of your home: your front door, the cleanliness of your walks, your driveway, plantings, etc.  Any lapses in curb appeal can sour your potential buyers’ opinion before they even step in the front door.

The fix: Use our curb appeal checklist to make sure you’ve created a favorable curb appeal, or contact a local real estate agent for their opinion.  Ask for their honest opinion of your home’s curb appeal, and how you can make buyers want to come inside.


What: A crack in the ceiling, an uneven driveway full of cracks, water damage stain on the wall—all of these items (and more) can make buyers walk away from a property that’s less than turn-key.  Even if you’ve promised to make these repairs at the time of sale, potential buyers may turn away at the sight of repairs.

The fix: Talk to your real estate agent when you list about what should be repaired before you list your home.  Make repairs to the home now while you can control the cost of the repairs.  If you don’t know where to start with repairs (or if any repairs need to be made), ask your real estate agent for a list of home inspectors who can tour your property and give you a pre-sale inspection.  This simple step saves you the headache of surprises—and can fast track your home sale.