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What should I look for in a real estate agent?


what should I look for in a real estate agentChoosing a real estate agent is not a decision that should be made lightly. Buying or selling a home is one of the most expensive decisions of your life, so why you should you take choosing the real estate agent at the heart of the sale flippantly? Look at it this way: your real estate agent could be literally worth thousands of dollars in profit or savings in your wallet. This decision is important. So what should you look for when choosing the right real estate agent for your home sale?

Past clients

What do a real estate agents’ past clients say? Were they satisfied with the services they received? Did the real estate agent make their home sale smooth? Ask the real estate agent for references and look on social media to see what kind of rating they have received from their clients.

Knows your area

If you’re looking to buy a home, a real estate agent familiar with the area you are buying the home in can give you information about the area: commute times, school district, local neighborhood info. On the flip side, if you are a home seller, a local real estate agent knows what prices sell and don’t sell—one of the most important factors that sell (or don’t sell) your home.

Has experience

The magic number for real estate experience is five years (plus). Choose an agent that has a large amount of experience to assist you through your home sale. You can find this information by asking the real estate agent, or by requesting this information from the state license board.

Good (and prompt) communication

One of the top frustrations from home buyers and sellers is a real estate agent who drops off the planet. You sign the papers to put your house on the market, or enlist their services to find your next dream home and then….nothing. Or they don’t return your calls with questions. Either way, one of the questions you should ask your potential real estate agents is, “How will you communicate with me? Can I email you? Or call you?”

What factors shouldn’t you use when choosing a real estate agent? We wouldn’t recommend contacting a real estate agent because:

They’ll list your house for the price you want to sell

A fair price (and a price that sells) is not related to how much you owe or how much you want to make from your sale. Determine how to price your house by reading our recent blog post.

They are a smooth talker

This is a process where it’s important to look beyond the real estate agent’s presentation. Sure they’re a smooth talker, but do they have the experience you need when you hit a bump in your home sale? Do they have the follow up to contact you regularly and promptly?

They’ll hold a million open houses

Open houses are a tool for selling a home, but there is a limit to its effectiveness. Choose a real estate agent that can effectively market your home, not just stand at the door every week at another empty open house.

You saw their name on a sign

Choosing a real estate agent is too important of a decision to randomly contact an agent just because you saw their name. You’re real estate sale is more important than that. Be smart. Contact a real estate agent with the references, experience, local knowledge and follow-up skills to guide you through your important purchase. Remember, your real estate agent works for you—make sure you choose someone that does it, and you know can do it.